How This Dental Office 5x’d Their
Monthly Invisalign® Cases
and Added
Over $17,000/mo
of Revenue by Using
This System

Before: 1 new Invisalign case per month

This Dental Office (anonymized for client confidentiality) struggled to acquire new Invisalign® cases and averaged only about 1 new Invisalign® case per month before using this system.

After: 5 new Invisalign cases per month

By using DentieLead’s proven lead generation and lead nurturing system, this Dental Office now averages over 5 new Invisalign® cases per month with an average monthly revenue of $17,500.

"Prior to starting with DentieLeads, we had started 4 Invisalign® cases from January to March of 2019."


12 Month growth trajectory & Invisalign provider level

At the current rate, this Dental Office expects to increase their Invisalign status from Silver to Platinum, reduce their lab fees by 30% and substantially drive up their profit per case.

65 Total New Invisalign® Cases This Year

$210,960 Annual Invisalign® Revenue

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Revenue Growth

This Dental Office added $114,000 of revenue solely through new Invisalign® cases in just 5 months.


NEW CASES in just 5 months


TOTAL Revenue Increase in just 5 months

Return on Investment

This Dental Office experienced an awesome ROI of


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The system used to get more Invisalign®

This Dental Office used DentieLeads exclusive lead generation, lead follow up, and lead nurturing system that was completely custom branded to their clinic.

The proven system in use today is the culmination of 8 years of real-world development, implementation, and testing with dental offices all across the USA by an industry-leading team of Invisalign® marketing experts.

How to get more Invisalign® cases for your practice

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